It's hardly Candace Bushnell is it?

I was a roadie for an accapella band.


"this is SarahMum, she's lovely" - DT

"I've not met anyone who has a bad word to say about you" - Kissycat

"She snogged me and now I feel all unnecessary" MJ

"She does stuff for us..." Lee Chaos

"you, my dear, are a filthy pervert with a one track mind." - Rhona

"the kind of person you scare your kids with when they're misbehaving" - Lol

"sarah_mum makes my bits tingle" - Arachne

"Absolutely Fucking Ace" - CountB

"The coolest person I know, and I know penguins" - MikeyRockstar

"I would." - Paul Living Fear

"a Really Bloody Marvelous Chum" - My Jolly Good Chum


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Not being on the FList does not automatically mean the opposite.

My gaff, my rules!

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